Let’s chat! Flea market pet peeves:


We all love a good quest to find our beloved junk. A pristine junking adventure would include the sun shining, birds tweeting, and fabulous finds! With a long list of joys that junking can bring; we can conjure up a couple peeves that damper our delight. We asked The KI NASSAUER Team to come up with 10 Flea Market pet peeves that got under their skin and made them take a second look at what they were buying.

10 PEEVES: (Not in any particular order,of course.)

1. When vendors don’t mark the prices on their product, leaving you to play the guessing game.
2. When customers are being rude to vendors. We’re all here to have a good time!
3. Dishonest vendors passing off new or reproduced product as vintage when they know better.

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Junking Mentors


The FleaQuest Team was thinking about all of the gracious mentors that have inspired us to keep junking throughout the years. We asked our founder, Ki Nassauer who her most influential mentor was, and this is what she gleefully shared with us:

FQ: Who is the person who has taught you the most about the junking world and keeps you inspired?
KN: That would have to be my close friend, Tom Howland; who is my junking hero.

FQ: When and where did you meet Tom?
KN: I met Tom at Kane Country Flea Market in St. Charles, Illinois in 2000. He was selling and I was buying. He sold me the biggest corbels I had ever seen; Tom was kind enough to deliver them along with some of my other purchases back to Minnesota since my trailer was plum full.

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FleaQuest Premier Sponsor: Annie Sloan Unfolded


We are so excited to announce that Annie Sloan Unfolded has signed on to FleaQuest.com as a Premier Sponsor!

ASU, the North American distributor of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, is well-known to attendees of the Junk Bonanza and to DIY home decorators, hobbyists and professional artists. It is an amazing self-priming paint, and it rocks!

By signing on as a sponsor, ASU gets a special web page on the FQ site for its premium-listed stockists, with links to their individual stores, which sell primarily vintage and antiques. They are also identified on search pages with special green banners, to identify them to FQ users.

The sponsorship also provides Annie Sloan Unfolded with home page logo placement and link and a sidebar link on the FleaQuest blog, as well as several scheduled mentions through email and social media.

FQ is pleased to have such a fabulous product and organization as its first Premier Sponsor!

Interested in learning more about FQ sponsorships? Email taylor@kinassauer.com for more information.

Happy junking!


What’s the difference between a Basic and Premium listing on FleaQuest?


Many folks are asking the difference between a BASIC and PREMIUM listing on FleaQuest, so we thought it would be helpful to clearly outline them both.

With a BASIC listing on FleaQuest you can list your vintage shop or event at NO cost. Your basic listing includes:

  • Shop or event name
  • Shop or event address and map
  • Shop or event website with link

With a PREMIUM listing on FleaQuest you can list your vintage shop or event for $9.99/month with NO long term commitment – cancel anytime! Your PREMIUM listing includes:

  • Shop or event name
  • Shop or event logo
  • Shop or event detailed description
  • Shop or event address and map
  • Shop or event website with link
  • Photo slideshow (includes 3 photos)
  • Video
  • Details about shop or event including hours of operation, Facebook page, contact person, admission price, number of vendors and more!
  • Promotions about shop or event (can be easily changed/edited at any time!)
  • A PREMIUM listing banner on the search page next to shop or event listing

Things to note about a PREMIUM listing:

  • Premium listings show up ahead of Basic listings on the search page, so shoppers will see Premium listings first!
  • Not computer savvy? No problem! FleaQuest makes upgrading your listing easy with simple steps that don’t get complicated or take too much time.

For more information about upgrading your Basic listing to Premium, visit us here! We hope this has been helpful in outlining the benefits of listing your vintage shop or event on FleaQuest.

Happy junking!


Happy Holidays from FleaQuest


It’s that time of year! The tinsel trees come out, along with the vintage ornaments and menorahs with more than a little patina. Some folks (Ki Nassauer included) even go so far as to collect vintage Santa Clauses! We absolutely love it! Not only does decorating with vintage items for the Holidays make for gorgeous decor, but these items have generally been handed down through generations and they have true emotional and sentimental value. That’s what the Holidays are all about right? The feeling of togetherness around a fresh cut (and delicious smelling) tree, sparking memories of Holidays past and family traditions. (We’re trying to write a heartwarming blog here- so let’s just not mention the busy parking lots, crabby people, honking horns and long lines!) We also love the idea of giving vintage gifts. They can be so personal and unique- plus you might save a buck or two and get those creative juices flowing! We know people say “shop local” but we’d like to suggest you “shop vintage” this Holiday season. (We also happen to know a tool that can help you find all the best spots to shop, hint hint.) No matter how you celebrate or which Holiday you celebrate, we always think decorating with vintage and giving vintage items are two very good traditions!

Happy Holidays from the entire FleaQuest team!

Welcome to FleaQuest


FleaQuest Team, left to right: Taylor Nassauer, Tyson Nassauer, Ki Nassauer, Tieran Haskin & Rob Haskin.

Welcome to FleaQuest, my longtime vision for a comprehensive, nationwide online directory of the best vintage sales and events, flea markets, antiques shops, antiques shows, architectural salvage centers and road trips. I’m so excited that you’re here!

As a shopper, you can join the FleaQuest community for FREE by simply creating a profile. You can search shops and events across the United States, write reviews on listings, save listings as your ‘favorite’ and even add FREE listings for shops and events you love.

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